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Mission Statement: To be a nexus, a cornerstone, between the lanes of indie culture and nerd culture. Up to date, informed, and an active participant. This is an area where expression is personal, genuine, and intimate. This is panacea. "The laws of the universe are not indifferent, but are forever on the side of the most sensitive. Listen to every zephyr for some reproof, for it is surely there, and he is unfortunate who does not hear it."

Missouri police sued for $40 million over actions in Ferguson protests


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August 29 2014


Fox spent much of its VMA coverage questioning Beyonce’s ability to promote feminism while being "extremely sexual."  

Megyn Kelly labeled Beyonce’s message and lyrics as “skanky,” while a article claimed the singer “seemed to ensure her behind was the focus on each song, all the while educating young viewers about feminism.”

On The Five, Fox hosts suggested “she’s auditioning for a future husband,” and Greg Gutfeld announced that ”the greatest thing about pop culture is convincing women that acting like strippers is empowering.” 

What Fox failed to recognize is that expressing sexuality does not automatically remove a woman’s right to discuss equality. Instead, the network righteously slut-shamed Beyonce and used her performance as basis to attack feminism as a whole. In reality, such policing of women’s sexuality has harmed progress toward equality. The very same mindset has been used to dismiss women’s need to access contraception, and blame rape survivors for their own assaults. 

If anyone is going to be shamed, it should be Fox and its irresponsible coverage of women’s issues. 

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August 27 2014



Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art — Nebula and Gamora — by Andy Park

i live for this

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August 26 2014


I can never stop laughing at this

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August 26 2014

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August 26 2014



Yo! My name is Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey…This is cosplay as Cinematic Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider Man. This suit was made by 
Jesse Covington ( Writer and Costume Designer) and sewn by Sasha Williams ( Fashion Major graduate). Photos were taken by Pierre BL Brevard I specifically would like to thank Marvel Comics Artist Sara Pichelli for designing this character. I’m also very excited to see Olivier Coipel's work on Spider-Verse!

(Full shoot will be shot in New York itself just in time for NYCC)

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August 26 2014


This app will let you know which political parties are really benefiting when you buy groceries

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August 26 2014


Interesting fact:

The BBC series Doctor Who ended in 2010. It was replaced by a show called Doctor Who Cares Now That Steven Moffat’s in Charge. The title of the latter show is often shortened for the sake of brevity. This has caused much confusion amongst viewers with many believing that the two series are one and the same.

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August 24 2014

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August 23 2014


Potent minimalist art sends a strong message about police and vigilante brutality in America

Journalist and artist Shirin Barghi has created a gripping, thought-provoking series of graphics that not only examines racial prejudice in today’s America, but also captures the sense of humanity that often gets lost in news coverage. Titled “Last Words,” the graphics illustrate the last recorded words by Brown and other young black people — Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and others — who have been killed by police in recent years.

Let us not forget their voices

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August 22 2014


I feel like every black body in America needs one of these. I’m not even joking.


I feel like every black body in America needs one of these. I’m not even joking.

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August 22 2014

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August 21 2014